Thursday, June 23, 2011

Different Types of Air Compressor Dryers

The presence of water in the compressed air system is very damaging to the entire system. Water in the spoil system pipes, valves, and even airlines in the open air causes the freeze. If water is present in the compressed air system, and there is a need for compressor dryer to remove water. Three different stages of the water in the compressed air, it is a liquid, vapor, or mist. There are different types of dryers available air compressor, and use all the specific functions to remove water from the system pressure. 

The most common dryer is one chilled. Refrigerated dryers and two separate, the first is to use the released air to cool the hot incoming air, increasing the temperature of the air prevents condensation. The latest range of compressors that are produced with the dryers incorporated in the compressor. These mixed reactions, and so far has not gained popularity among users. While this is the main use of the dryer air compressor, there are others available. 

Deliquescent dryer is a pressure vessel that contains a disk or powder in the bottom that slowly dissolves into a liquid because it absorbs water from the air compressor. Once one has all the power was converted into a liquid is emptied and the pressure vessel, and another disc is inserted. Deliquescent dryer air compressor is easy to use and works great for remote work sites, or that the transfer of workers around to different work sites. Another type of dryer air compressor is also used as a pressure vessel, but makes use of materials such as silica gel. The purpose of the silica gel is to reduce the temperature required for water to condensate. 

All of this helps to get rid of water from the compressed air, and each has its uses. It depends on the process that works best for each compressor and the environment will be used where the powder dryers have a specific use of processes, and tools that require air dry only. This includes some of the systems brake the truck, and air tools, drawing tools that require air pressure.

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